Share the road with Ark & Galina travel photography nomad RV fulltimers
Share the road with Ark & Galina travel photography nomad RV fulltimers

Whistler., Train wreck, 2020

Skiing every day could turn into boring, knee killing existence, so we try to add to our life some pretty hikes, walks, and explorations of surrounding Whistler area.  Train wreak hike  is one of such adventures- it s a beautiful  3-4 kilometers walk through  the woods, along the mountain river to the site of 1956 crash of lumber caring train near Whistler. In order to clean area fast some boxcars were removed, but seven of them which were too damaged to save were just dragged of train tracks into the wood.  The area became popular with graffiti artists, mountain bikers, hikers, and other curious folks.

Just short drive from train wreak there is Brandywine Falls Provincial park- which was actually not  open due to toooo much snow, but some people ( like us) managed to make narrow path through the park to the falls- which is 70 meters tall gorgeous rush of water. The name Brandywine is believed to have come from a wager between two surveyors (Jack Nelson and Bob Mollison) for the Howe Sound and Northern Railway over the height of the Falls. The closest guess winning a bottle of brandy(wine). The height was measured with a chain and it was Mollison who won the bottle of brandy and Nelson then named the falls Brandywine.

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