Share the road with Ark & Galina travel photography nomad RV fulltimers
Share the road with Ark & Galina travel photography nomad RV fulltimers

Skaguay Lake and Petrified Forest, 2018

It doesn’t matter how long one stays at the same spot- as long as one has desire and time to look around and explore. We walked through the streets of Cripple Creek, even picked into the one of the zillion casinos there (looks sad, but the beer is very cheap), went to see show at the local opera house again, biked through the area (were kind of huffing and puffing due the altitude), went fishing to Skaguay lake(got some trouts). There are multiple, multiple lakes everywhere- mostly manmade, but all of them very, very picturesque. We stopped by The Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument “where the highlight is a group of petrified sequoia stumps, the largest 41 feet in circumference – all still upright and in their original positions, part of a pretty, pastel-colored landscape of yellow-green grassy plains bordered by low wooded hills. The sequoia (or redwood) stumps are the most visible and spectacular relics in the national monument, although the main discoveries in this area were many thousands of smaller fossils – plants, insects, fish, birds and mammals – which have been excavated from the thin-layered sedimentary rocks beneath the hillsides since the late 1800s when the significance of the location was first recognized”, and huge part of fossils was lost due to uncontrollable looting by the visitors until that area was turned into National Monument.




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