Share the road with Ark & Galina travel photography nomad RV fulltimers
Share the road with Ark & Galina travel photography nomad RV fulltimers

Park City. 2022 Ski season

In Park city with friends Lauren Tutunikov, Margaret Oreper, Misha Chudyakov, Elena Rose

Snow Basin ski resort

On Thursday we visited one of the oldest ski resorts in the United States- Snowbasin Ski Resort. It appears that resort takes care about everything they can control- amazing variety of well groomed and not-groomed trails; speedy lifts; smiley, welcoming lifts and lodge workers; luxury day lodges with shiny, huge gold light fixtures; beautiful carpets( which make you feel guilty that you walk on them in ski boots); glamorous, huge fireplaces and much more. Just to impress us- nature took care about everything else-sun was shining, snow was soft (ice? What ice?), astonishing scenery was all around us. What else needed for the three of us to be free and happy!

Salt Lake city

We were wondering Salt Lake City downtown around Temple square. Checked out very good organ receptacle. We also took a tour in Mormon profits residence. Among other interesting facts, we learned there that Mr. Young, the guy who established Utah Mormon colony, had 56 wives and 57 children. To be exact, he never had more than 36 wives at the same time. Still an achievement, to my view. Final accord was in korean fusion restaurant.

Deer Valley.

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple (Spanish Fork)

The history behind the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple is rooted in devoted members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and their efforts to bring awareness of their religion and Indian culture to the wider world. The influence of this movement can be traced back thousands of years to the basic beliefs surrounding Krishna, and additionally to modern advocates for Krishna Consciousness like Swami Prabhupada.

The Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple is in existence mainly due to the efforts of Charu Das (formerly Christopher Warden) and his activity within ISKCON. Charu Das, an American by birth, left the United States in order to protest and avoid the Vietnam War. He then traveled through Europe, India, and Singapore. While in Singapore he met his future wife, and the two of them began a lifetime of work to further Krishna Consciousness. The two went to Australia, where they lived and worked for a time. After spending several years with a community of Krishna devotees, Charu left Australia and returned to the United States where he served in several positions for ISKCON.

Charu Das first visited Utah in 1975 when he traveled to Brigham Young University (BYU) to sell books for a trust under ISKCON. His impressions were positive, and he appreciated the atmosphere of tolerance and interest. Years later, after leaving his position at a temple near Berkeley, he returned to Utah. On November 10, 1996 ground breaking ceremonies were held at the temple’s current location, just south of Spanish Fork, and on February 16, 1998, the construction of the temple began.

The Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple continues to thrive each year as it attracts thousands of guests for both tours and seasonal festivals.

Salt Lake. Antilope State Park.

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